A Shattered Galaxy
  Our celestial home bears the scars of conflict: Luna lies fractured, covered in wreckage, and natural Hyperfield extrusions perforate its crust. Mars is gone - its mass forms a partially stable asteroid field past Lunar orbit. Metallic wreckage with military markings is concentrated in specific orbital bands, with some scattered about.

  Amidst this cosmic graveyard, movements in the shadow hint at challenges and adversaries unknown.
Navigate the Rebirth of Humanity
  In the aftermath of the galactic crisis, humanity stands on the brink of oblivion, yet from the ashes rises an opportunity for redemption and exploration unlike any before.

  The discovery of the Hyperfield, an arcane dimension teeming with untold power, has led to the creation of Hypercores, marking the dawn of a new era for mankind. As a commander of the elite squadrons equipped with these cores, your task is to spearhead humanity's exploration, recover ancient artifacts, and uncover the secrets that will arm us for the journey ahead.
Gameplay: Strategy Redefined
  Crystal Armada blends the strategic depth of tabletop classics with the immediacy of real-time strategy. Drawing inspiration from legends like Star Wars and Star Trek Attack Wing, infused with the cerebral tactics of chess, this game invites you to master the art of space command. Your arsenal begins with state-of-the-art kinetic ordnance, but the true game changer lies in what you salvage from the void: technology, artifacts, and the whispers of lost civilizations.

  Decisions in Crystal Armada carry weight. Will you obliterate all that stands in your path, snatch what treasures you can in daring hit-and-run tactics, or disable foes before they can call for reinforcements? The strategy you choose will dictate the composition of your squadrons, their orders, and how you adapt to the evolving battlefield.
Web3 Integration: Universe of Possibility
  At the heart of Crystal Armada is its pioneering use of web3 technology, making every discovery, every victory, and every loss part of an ever-evolving blockchain narrative. Ships, artifacts, and territories aren't just game elements—they're assets, with real-world value and ownership recorded on the blockchain. This integration brings a revolutionary level of immersion, allowing you to truly own pieces of the game world and the history you discover.
Grand Vision: A Future Forged Together
  We envision fleets of players, united under the banners of their clans, navigating the remnants of the Sol system to the frontier of the unknown. Crystal Armada transcends the boundaries of gameplay, evolving into a vibrant cosmos fueled by the ambitions of its players.

  The journey stretches from seizing control of open world treasure-laden sectors to daring expeditions into adjacent starsystems and beyond. With updates planned to expand fleet mechanics, introduce dynamic battlefields, and unveil new factions, the future of Crystal Armada is as limitless as the stars themselves.
Community at the Core: Shaping the Universe
  At the heart of Crystal Armada is a pioneering vision where players do more than navigate the cosmos—they shape it. Your feedback directly influences game development, turning player insights into the driving force behind future expansions, features, and narratives. Collective achievements and decisions don't just affect individual stories; they have the power to alter the game's universe, unlocking new areas, challenges, and shaping the evolving story.

  In Crystal Armada, the community's voice is pivotal, crafting a dynamic, living game universe where every action and decision contributes to our shared saga.
Ship Upgrades: Advancing Your Fleet
  Ships in Crystal Armada boast a unique upgrade mechanic. Each vessel comes with three upgradeable bonuses tethered to a specific ship function, as denoted by unique icons. Each level upgrade increases the bonus received by a set amount per level, however the cost to do so is exponential. The first upgrades are modestly priced, costing one token, then 2, then 4, 8, 16, 32, etc. This allows players to progress relatively quickly early in the game, and to spread their improvements among their assets, while allowing them to focus and specialize on certain key ships and attributes to maximize the effectiveness of their chosen playstyle.

In the advanced stages of ship enhancement, escalating upgrade costs necessitate the use of special tokens. These rare tokens, which bypass the standard cost curve, can be obtained through high-level loot drops and as tournament rewards, adding a layer of strategic resource management for ship advancement.
Powering the Future: Synthesizing Hypercores
  Fighters and other vessels can be constructed with relative simplicity, but pristine Hypercores, the crystalline hyperobjects at the center of each craft, cannot. Hypercores are the source of many advanced Terran combat capabilities, and current technology necessitates that one or more existing cores be used as a source to materialize a new one. As such, Hypercore owners are among an elite echelon empowered to forge and distribute this advanced technology to others.